Custom Orders

Steps to putting in your own order:

  • Below is a form for any custom orders that you would like to be made.

  • In the form, you MUST include all the information that is needed to create an order.

  • Once you have completed the custom form section, we will contact you and find out more about the picture/design that is being requested.

  • Sizes range from 2x2, 3x3 and so on up to 5x5 (ft).

  • There is a possibility that your design/picture might be too detailed for me to do. When working with yarn, extremely detailed aspects of an order can be too difficult, therefore we would rather not put ourselves or your investment in that situation. By leaving your information in the form, we will definitely be in contact if a situation like this occurs and come up with a solution and a more simplistic design to what you want.

  • All prices vary depending on size, the amount of color used as well as estimated time spent on the rug (BASELINE PRICES, NOT ALWAYS SET PRICES).

  • 2x2 = $175

  • 3x2 = $225

  • 2x3 = $225

  • 3x3 = $300

  • 4x3 = $350

  • 3x4 = $350

  • 4x4 = $425

  • 5x4 = $500

  • 4x5 = $500

  • 5x5 = $700+ 


Custom Form Link (Google Forms): (Copy link and paste into your internet Search Bar)